Membership renewals and applications are due by April 30th! To  ensure we keep the new member waitlist down to a minimum, we encourage members to renew by April 30th…any renewals after that date will incur a $100 late fee. For first-time memberships, there is an additional initiation fee of $750. This does not have to be paid in subsequent years as long as your membership remains active. Roland Park residents are asked to be current with their Civic League dues when joining or renewing pool membership​.  Roland Park Pool offers three tiers of membership:

  • Family ($650)
    • Pool access for all family members in a household
  • Single ($400)
    • Pool access for a single head of household
  • Evening ($350)
    • Pool access for all family members in a household (Monday – Thursday after 5:00 PM)
    • No weekends or holidays



I/We hereby make application for membership in the Roland Park Swimming Pool, and agree to pay, upon acceptance of this application a non-refundable, non-recurring, non-transferable initiation fee of Seven Hundred Fifty dollars ($750.00) within 30 days of notification of acceptance of this application (receipt of bill). In addition, I/We agree to pay annual dues as prescribed by the Board of Directors of the Roland Park Swimming Pool, Inc. (upon receipt of bill), and to abide by the By-Laws, rules and regulations of Roland Park Swimming Pool, Inc. pertaining to use of the Pool and its facilities.
I/We understand that this membership covers only members of my/our immediate family residing with me/us and that membership cards issued are non-transferable and are
to be used only by those to whom issued. I/We agree to notify the Executive Secretary at of the Roland Park Swimming Pool, Inc. of any change of address or change in status of my/our immediate family, residing at the address given.