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General Manager Wanted

The Roland Park Swimming Pool is seeking a motivated and service minded pool manager to promote a safe and welcoming environment for our community.  The membership, approximately 500 families or individuals, considers the pool a treasured oasis to socialize, relax, and exercise all while building a community in a shared space.  The pool is governed by a board of directors, and the general manager position reports to the president of the board.

A Certified Pool Operators (CPO) license is required by the State of Maryland. The license is good for 3-5 years depending on where it is acquired.  Courses are available online and in local community colleges.  The cost of the course/exam is reimbursable by RPSP.

This is salaried position during the season; the pool season is from Memorial Day to Labor Day. Work performed before or after the season is paid at an hourly rate.  Planning and hiring duties occur before the season.  Opening and closing activities also occur outside of the season. During the season the manager must be present, on-stie and should expect to work the equivalent of a 40 hour work week.  A one week paid vacation is included; other time can be scheduled as needed with transparency provided to the board president.

Responsibilities include but are not limited to:

  • Safety: Designing and maintaining policies and procedures that maintain a safe environment for staff and members.
  • Hiring staff: This includes managers, lifeguards, and concession staff. Lifeguards must be certified. Minimum age for lifeguards is 15. Concession staff must be 14 years old. Any staff member must have a Youth Work Permit if they are under 18. This can be obtained at DLLR website for the State of Maryland.
  • Training and managing staff: This is the first job for some staff, so feedback and clear expectations are needed.  A management team of an additional 3-5 personnel are needed.  Monitoring hours worked by staff and ensuring staff pay is a shared responsibility with the office manager.
  • Communication: Updates to membership of rule changes, weather closures, events, etc. is needed through the season.  Communicating in-person, in writing, or electronically to members clearly and cordially is required.
  • Ordering staff suits/shirts: A budget is available for uniform shirts and swimsuits.
  • Scheduling staff shifts: Lifeguard shifts: 8am-3pm, 3pm-9pm must also have manager present; concession personnel are optional.
  • Ordering supplies and concessions: This is done weekly. The schedule for ordering and delivery is set by the vendor.
  • Events: Swim team, water aerobics, special membership events, and parties must be coordinated and staffed by the membership team.  RPSP is available for party rentals by members.  Approving the schedule for these is needed to ensure no conflicts.
  • Pool Maintenance
    • Maintaining the readings every two hours and monitoring the health of the water
    • Backwashing filters as necessary
    • Cleaning the deck
    • Making certain the skimmer baskets are cleaned daily
    • Troubleshooting membership issues that may arise
    • Creating a safe, fun, and service friendly environment for the membership
    • Maintaining the necessary water levels for all three pools
    • Supervising first aid
    • Ordering office and janitorial supplies
    • Maintaining inventories

RPSP has an office manager/treasurer who manages membership and finances.  RPSP also partners with Lothorian Pools as the pool maintenance company. The managers are responsible for the day-to-day operation of the pumps, filters, and water levels. In additional to opening and closing services, Lothorian will support issues that require escalation if the managers are unable to address it. Further coordination may be needed with Friends School if the issue in question affects the Friends lap pool. Nurturing a positive working relationship with both Friends and Lothorian is very important.

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Roland Park Swimming Pool is a private, family-oriented community based pool for residents of Roland Park. Founded in 1956, the pool area consists of a 25m main L-shaped pool, a 25 yd lap pool and a wading pool for toddlers. We share our pool area with Friends School Camp. The area includes a basketball court and ping-pong tables.

Upcoming Events!

Reserve a Party

The RPPB has designated the rooftop deck of the main pump house as the only space at the pool to host birthday parties and other special private events. Find more information at https://rolandparkpool.org/reserving-a-party.


Find out more about how to become a member and the dues required. Club Membership is only open to residents in the Roland Park neighborhood.


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