Roland Park Pool is a private swim club in Baltimore.

Because 100% of the pool staff is either a student or a teacher, staffing becomes a challenge at the end of August. Many have already left for school. As typical to prior seasons, we are unfortunately reducing our pool hours as a result.  Pool reservations ARE now being cancelled this week Tuesday-Friday between 10am – 5pm & next Monday 10am – 5pm.

Starting Tuesday, Aug 25th – Monday, Sept 7th, our reduced hours will be as follows:

M – F 6pm – 9pm

Saturdays & Sundays 10am – 9pm


Monday, Labor Day 10am – 9pm

The Roland Park Swimming Pool 2020 season will be extended by 4 days, specifically:

Saturday, 9/12, 2-5 pm and 6-9pm

Sunday, 9/13, 2-5pm and 6-9pm

Saturday 9/19, 2-5 pm and 6-9pm

and Sunday, 9/20 2-5 pm and 6-9pm

The hours will be shortened and include only 2 reservation windows per day:  2-5pm, and 6-8pm.  This addendum to the season is due to the compression caused by COVID-19, and to help alleviate the pressure that we see with the Labor Day weekend.  Because the reservation system inherently limits the usage, the extra days will help to ensure all members can get their final visit in.  

This extension is open to ALL members regardless of the type of membership you purchased this year.

All previously announced rules remain in place.  Please extend your words of gratitude to our managers (and staff) for giving their time while their careers are placing unprecedented challenges on them this year.  The start of a school year is always hectic, but this year much more so.  

We appreciate you Meghan, Jen, and the staff at RPSP!

We will be continuing our first come, first served reservation opportunity to be paired with the current reservation system.
Families who were not able to schedule their 3 allotted weekday or single weekend reservations may arrive at the pool 1 hour after the reservation time (so, that would be 7pm) has begun. Please form a queue so order is known if you arrive early.
The manager on duty will view the available seating as well as the capacity of patrons in the pool, and the manager will allow THREE families/members to enter the pool. More than 3 may be admitted depending on space, but will not be guaranteed. Your names will be documented at the gate for tracing and record review.
If you have made a reservation and arrive after the first hour after the reservation time has begun, you will still be admitted, but table availability may be in question.
If no tables are available, there remains space on the grounds to establish a safe space with appropriate distancing. Please ask for recommendations if needed.
Some reminders: Please be a gracious neighbor! Families who are not able to use their reservations should cancel the reservation online in the WordPress System as early as you can. This will allow other members to book that time slot and be able to use the pool.
While enjoying your time at the pool, please remember that families may bring no more than 2 extra children, who are also pool members, to swim with their family during the reservation. An adult MUST stay at the pool with the children for the duration of the reservation.
Each family will be permitted to reserve three (3) bookings during the weekdays (Monday – Friday). No change to the weekend limit of one (1) reserved time slot during the weekend (Saturday-Sunday). Together this equals a total potential of four (4) time slots per week.
Please keep the following additional items in mind when booking your or your family’s reservation(s):
  • The reservation for each time slot becomes available one week prior to the slot. For instance, if you wish to book Friday, July 31st at 6pm, you should log onto the reservation system around pm on Friday, July 24th. If you log on exactly at 6:00pm and see the day is red, that is because the slots have not yet become available. Please wait 10 minutes and try again. Due to recent system changes, we’ve seen the timing of the opening of reservations become less variable/more consistent. Members previously refreshing the system caused unanticipated delays in opening the time slot.
  • If you do find that you are unable to attend your time slot, please log into the system and cancel your reservation as soon as possible. (If you can’t cancel your reservation, please email the business office ahead of time, preferably 12-24 hours prior to your reservation.)
  • Unlike the rule for children, members may not bring other member adults as their reservation guests. Even when sharing the same table, this undermines the intention of limiting a total head-count on the pool grounds, as usage could be doubled on popular times/days.
If it comes to the attention of a staff member that any of the above rules have or are being violated, that family or individual will be asked to leave the pool grounds. As always, thank you for treating the staff with respect and immediately complying.
It is our hope that in altering the number of slots permitted each week, the members who have voiced difficulty successfully using the reservation system will be able to enjoy the pool this summer. Please also refer to the recent announcement about the current pilot process: managers will permit pool access for 3 member groups, one hour after  time slot opens, and more than 3 if the pool has additional open space. The new reservation limit (4) announced above is in reference to the reservation system, only. There is no current per/week limit for walk ins, but members should not exceed one use per day.
If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to ask. However, please keep in mind that we are a volunteer board and that we are doing our best to address these novel issues.
PLEASE be timely in your cancels if you will not be using a reservation, it will allow another member to have use of the pool.
If you can’t cancel your booking, please email ASAP.
(Do not wait until the last minute.)
Your RPSP Board and Management Team

The following are some additional points of interest. Be safe and enjoy!

  1. Contrary to a prior announcement, the kiddie pool will be available for use. Friends camps have been suspended, so members have access to all 3 pools unless otherwise noted.
  2. Recycling will not be available at the start of the season due to COVID related service impacts at Baltimore City. Please take your recycling home with you until RPSP can provide this service again.

*Reservations are only good for household (or a subset). Please enter 1 for quantity since we have already taken into account how many members are in your family.

*You may NOT book reservations for other people. Only 1 reservation per timeslot will be honored.


Roland Park Swimming Pool COVID Procedures B

The future of our community is in our hands. Please take care.

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