Pool Rules & Regulations


  1. The regulations are designed to ensure the safety of pool members and their guests.
  2. Pursuant to the Lease agreement with the Friends School, the Roland Park Pool shares the pool with the Friends School Camp when it is in session.
  3. Parents are requested to familiarize themselves and family members with these regulations. All members & guests are expected to assist the staff in their enforcement. All members & guests must comply promptly with instructions from staff & guards.
  4. The Manager-On-Duty is authorized to evict and or suspend membership privileges of anyone acting in an unsafe manner or not in compliance with these regulations.
  5. Use of the Main Pool and Lap Pool is permitted only if a lifeguard is on duty and the Pool is open for swimming.


  1. Guests must be registered in the Guest Book at the front gate by the member. Guests must be accompanied by the member and the member shall be responsible for the conduct & behavior of their guests in accordance with these posted rules.
  2. Guests shall be restricted to 10 visits per season, and families shall be limited to 20 guests per season.
  3. All parties must be approved in advance by the management.  All parties are restricted to the rooftop area above the men’s locker room.
  4. Special considerations for guest fees may be given for the following circumstances, and aresubject to Board approval.
    1. Out of town blood relative or in-law living with you on a permanent basis or an extended visit will be considered a family member, and this person will be issued a membership card.
    2. Foreign exchange students may be considered a member of the family.
    3. Babysitters accompanying children must pay guest fees but are not restricted in the number of visits.
    4. House guests for an extended period would be required to pay guest fees but would not be restricted in the number of visits.
    5. Adult visitors who are fully clothed and do not intend to swim are not required to pay guest fees.
    6. Nannies with paid memberships are allowed, but they are not permitted to bring guests.
    7. Guest Fees are as follows: on weekdays each adult & child will pay $5.00, and on weekends and holidays each adult and child will pay $7.00.


  1. Current paid Civic League dues are required of all Roland Park residents who wish to be Pool members.
  2. Pool dues are to be returned by the date indicated on the bill. Any membership request received after the due date will be charged a late fee. Failure to respond within one month of the due date will result in termination of membership.
  3. Family members listed on the membership must be blood relatives or in-laws residing at the same address.
  4. Each listed family member must have their picture taken at the front desk to be included in the membership database for identity confirmation. All members 10 and older must have a scannable membership card in order to be admitted into the pool.
  5. All members and guests are required to check in at the front desk before using the pool.


  1. Infants are only permitted in the Baby Pool and must wear swim diapers.
  2. Only children 5 years old and younger are permitted to use the Baby Pool.
  3. Children in and around the Baby Pool must be under the direct supervision of a responsible adult at all times.
  4. Children 9 and under must be accompanied by a responsible adult 18 years old or older while they are at the pool. A sitter 16 years old or older with a valid Senior Lifesaving Certificate may be allowed to accompany the child with written authorization from the parents to management. A child who has passed the deep water test may be accompanied by a sitter 14 years or older with written authorization from the parents to management.
  5. Children aged 10 and older may be unattended at the pool if they meet the following criteria:   they have passed the deep water test, they have written permission from their parents filed with management, and they have correct and updated parent contact information on record.

Main Pool

  1. Children under three (3) are not allowed in the Main Pool.
  2. Children 3 and over must be potty trained if they are using the Main Pool; children wearing diapers of any kind are not permitted in the Main Pool.  No diapers are allowed in the Main Pool.
  3. Children 3-4 years old and any child who is unable to swim may be in the Main Pool only under the direct supervision of a responsible adult who is both within arms length of the child and physically in the water with the child.
  4. Children 8 years or younger are not permitted in the deep end of the pool unless they have passed the deep water test.  This test is administered by the Pool Manager or a Lifeguard. To pass the test, the child must swim two lengths of the pool (minimum of one lap must be freestyle) and tread water continuously for one minute.  
  5. The responsibility for the safety of children who have not passed the deep water test lies with the supervising adult. Children who have not passed the deep water test are restricted to the shallow end.

Lap Pool

  1. The lap pool is for lap swimming only unless otherwise designated by the management.

Adult Swim

  1. Every hour on the hour the pool will conduct an adult swim.  During this time, children under the age of 18 must vacate the pool AND deck area for 15 minutes.  Children will be able to reenter the pool when the manager announces the end of adult swim.


The safety of patrons, staff, and guests is the utmost priority of RPSP.  Failure to abide by these rules will result in disciplinary action that is decided by the manager and/or pool board.

  1. On the pool grounds, the following actions are PROHIBITED under any circumstances:
      1. Pushing, hitting, rough housing or any physical actions that purposefully or unwillingly cause physical injury to others.
      2. Bringing weapons including, but not limited to, guns, knives or blades of any kind, bats/clubs/large sticks, and any other harmful materials into the pool grounds.
      3. Defacing or misusing the restrooms, recreational equipment, chairs, tables, or any other property of the pool.
      4. Running at any time on the pool deck or grass area, including playing tag.
      5. Glass bottles or containers of any kind. 
  2.  In the Main Pool, Lap Pool, or Baby Pool, the following are PROHIBITED under any circumstances:
      1. Pushing, dunking, or rough housing.
      2. Carrying people (with the exception of an adult carrying a child that they are supervising) or putting others on one’s shoulders.
      3. Use of any flotation devices, inflatable rafts, life vests, or pool noodles.
      4. Use sports equipment, balls to play catch, or any other recreational equipment. The only exception to this rule is a basketball provided by RPSP staff to use with the miniature basketball hoop.
      5. Street clothes.  Bathers must wear an actual bathing suit or swimming trunks or they will not be permitted to enter the water.  The only exception to this rule is a tee shirt that is worn over an actual bathing suit to reduce sun exposure. 
  3. Conversing with the lifeguards on duty for an extended period of time or conversing about a topic other than patron safety. 

Diving Area

  1. Only 1 person is allowed on the diving board at one time.
  2. Dives and jumps must be straight forward off of the front of the diving board.
  3. Divers may only bounce once prior to diving or jumping into the pool.
  4. After dive or jump swimmers must exit directly to the nearest ladder.
  5. Ladders are only to be used for entering & exiting the pool.
  6. Dangerous dives are not allowed. 
  7. Swimmers may not dive/jump until the previous person using the board has completely exited water in the diving area.
  8. When the diving well is being used for lessons/swim practice, no one may use the diving board.
  9. Swimmers may only use the Diving Area for games (including, but not limited to, “the Shark Game”) when allowed by lifeguards.  In this instance, all posted rules must be followed. 

Courtesy & Sanitation

  1. All members will show consideration for others in their use of the pool, the grounds & facilities.
  2. Changing of clothes is permitted in the restrooms.
  3. Baltimore City Health Dept. requires swimmers to shower before using the pool. Family members’ assistance in enforcing this is particularly important for the safety & health of all pool members.  
  4. Any patrons or guests with open wounds/sores, bandages, colds/coughs, or infected eyes may not be permitted to enter the pool. This is up to the discretion of management. 
  5. Radios, iPods, and other audio devices may only be used within the pool grounds with earphones.
  6. Smoking or using electronic/vapor/eCigarettes within the pool grounds is strictly prohibited.
  7. No dogs or other pets are permitted anywhere on the pool grounds.


  1. Patrons must be 18 years old to use the grill.
  2. Patrons or guests may use the grill between the hours of 11:00 AM and 8:00 PM.
  3. Anyone using the grill is responsible for the following:
      1.  ensuring that the gas is turned off when done grilling.
      2. ensuring that the grates are properly cleaned after use.
  4. Anyone using the grill must provide grill tools (spatula, tongs, etc.); the only tool that the pool will provide is a grill brush for cleaning.
  5. After the grill has completely cooled, grillers are responsible for returning the grill back inside gate area.  The propane tank should remain in tact with the grill.
  6. Use of the grill is prohibited during food truck events.
  7. Contact our Grill Committee on any grill issues (need more gas, mechanical issues, etc.)
    1. Chris Handwerk 610-849-3664
    2. Kurt Overton 410-905-0527

Inclement Weather Policy

At Roland Park Swimming Pool, patron safety is the utmost priority of staff.  Therefore, in the event of inclement weather, management will follow the protocol outlined below.


According to weather.gov, thunderstorms are very dangerous, and their onset can be rapid even though the conditions outside may appear to be non-threatening.  The RPSP manager will check the forecast daily (through WBAL, weatherbug.com or another viable resource).  

  • If the threat of a thunderstorm is minimal or if it is not actively thundering and lightning, the pool will open on a normal schedule.  The manager will keep in contact with the manager on duty to monitor the weather as the day progresses.
  • If it is actively thunderstorming at the time of the pool’s opening, the opening of the pool will be delayed.  The manager will alert patrons via our notification app, and he or she will monitor the thunderstorm until it is safe to open the pool.  One the weather is cleared, another text alert will be sent out to patrons that the pool will open.
  • If the manager or a lifeguard hears thunder, all patrons must vacate the water and deck area of the main pool, lap pool and baby pool as well as the basketball court area and the roof of the pump house.  If conditions are severe, patrons will be asked to wait in the family bathroom or women’s bathroom for their safety. 
  • The manager has the right and the responsibility to close the pool for the day contingent on the duration and the severity of the storm.  Manager will use discretion and the forecast to make that decision. If the pool will close for the day, patrons will have 10 minutes to vacate the pool area.


Without the presence of thunder or lightning, rain poses minimal threat to patrons, and, therefore, patrons may continue to swim.  In the case of a torrential downpour, the lifeguards or manager reserve the right to close the diving well if there is limited visibility to the bottom of the pool. 

Flash Floods

Due to our proximity to the creek, our pool and pump house can be subjected to flash flooding.  Historically, flash flooding in this area, while infrequent, has been severe, and the onset of these floods has been rapid.

  • During prolonged or heavy periods of rainfall, the manager will monitor the water level of the creek near the pool gate.  
  • If the level of the creek is substantially above the normal level or is rising rapidly, the manager will announce that the pool gate will close in 10 minutes.  At that time, all patrons must vacate the pool and wait safely at higher ground.

Fundraising at RPSP

In the past, several organizations have petitioned RPSP to hold a fundraiser at the pool.  If an organization would like to host a fundraiser at RPSP, they must seek prior approval from management.  All fundraising requests must be submitted 7 days prior to the fundraiser date.  

Updated 2/18/2020